Hi! I'm Kevin Lodeweyckx.

I first got actively involved in game design while doing level design and scripting for Halo: Custom Edition, back in 2008. Together with a group of fellow modders, we created the well-received Project Lumoria and released Episodes 1 and 2 over the following years.

After that I got more into programming. In the year of 2013 I spent most of my spare time developing a custom 3D game engine in C++ and C#. I did the programming for it, and worked together with two of my friends who created some very nice 3D assets for it. The Ficus Game Engine had a bunch of neat systems such as terrain editing, physics objects, an octree to cull out objects from rendering and cascaded shadowmaps. While I never got this engine to a fully optimised state, it did serve as a great learning experience on game engine architecture. This knowledge would come in handy for my next projects.

In 2014-2015 I spent most of my gamedev time messing around with UE4. I worked on a colorful survival viking-themed game unofficially named Solnaeya as a one-man team. Most of the artwork was bought from the marketplace or created by a contracted artist.
Unfortunately I realised as a one-man team, finishing a project of the scope I had envisioned simply wasn't practical with the amount of time I had allotted. I was spending alot of time with art that I'd rather be spending doing game programming.

So since 2016 I've now moved onto a 2D game project <link to be added here once the page exists> with the Unity engine, and am having a blast with that. Being able to focus more on game mechanics, and relying on a much simpler 2D art-style, I've been rediscovering my love for game development!

Aside from game development, I also love:
- Science fiction shows such as Stargate and Battlestar Galactica.
- Hiking around the world.
- Pine trees and crystal-clear water.
- Belgian beers and stoofvlees with fritjes.

Oh and here's me meditating on a mountain in Norway: